"Taste the Foam" Yellow Vinyl Release

Mentors You Axed For It Yellow Vinyl LP

What with the "pinks" now almost out of stock,
we pressed a limited-to-300 run on bright yellow
vinyl. We used the same masters.

So come "Taste the Foam" with us!

Punk Explosion Vinyl


Mentors You Axed For It LP

Out for the first time on vinyl in nearly 25 years, the Mentors' "You Axed For It!" is ready to "shock and gross" the world all over again. Stool Sample Records has created an exact replica of the 1985 classic and have pressed a very limited edition of 500 on vivid pink vinyl. Included in the package is a bonus 7" with two never-before-heard tracks from the infamous trio, including "Animal", a song written about a particular roadie who was notorious for showing up late to gigs.

Oblivion Train redux!

Okay Mentors fans, here's a 2nd pressing of the infamous "Oblivion Train".
We busted a stamper so we stopped at 350 copies.
          Get one while you can!

Out Now! "You Axed For It!" on "Taste the Foam" Yellow Wax! Only 300 Pressed

Hello Mates! We only have a handful left of the worldwide sold "You Axed For It!" on pink wax. Because of the high demand at Mentors shows for vinyl, Dr. Heathen Scum and I decided to press a short run of 300 on "Foam" yellow wax. And, as always, these were mastered from original analog master tapes. This is the same cut at the pink version. The sound is incredible! Hope you are all well. Stu L. Sample

Razorcake Strikes while the Sample is Steamin' Hot

Jimmy Alvarado, over at Razorcake, the first and only official non-profit music magazine in America primarily dedicated to supporting independent music culture, likes what he hears and sees on the brand new 7" vinyl release of the nascent MENTORS as fresh-faced degenerates caught in the basement before they cut their first album. Check out this review of the Oblivion Train 7" single and see if you agree.

Catch the Raving Rock Rant on the SSR Mentors re-issue at Razorcake

Aphid Peewit (quite the nom-de-plume) has seen fit to heap "... steaming superlatives on the timely re-issue of this punk-metal classic...," YOU AXED FOR IT!, Stool Sample Records' debut vinyl LP release. Get an eyeful for yourself right here.

Check out... "Oblivion Train"

This is the Mentors, or rather the Eldon Hoke Band. Recorded in 1976 in Steve Broy's basement. Stu fell in love with it immediately. It has a primitive crunch. Oh, to be a fly on the wall that day. Have a listen!

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Stool Culture

Stool Sample Records was launched by Stuart Leonard Sample in 2008. Stu is an avid record collector who grew up during the punk explosion of the late 70's and early 80's. His influences are the Ramones, the Stooges, the Mentors, the White Stripes, and Ween, to name a few.

Stu considers music to be a work of art that should be appreciated both auditorially as well as visually. In other words, the music recorded is a work of art.

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