Stool Culture

Stool Sample Records was launched by Stuart Leonard Sample in 2008. Stu is an avid record collector who grew up during the punk explosion of the late 70's and early 80's. His influences are the Ramones, the Stooges, the Mentors, the White Stripes, and Ween, to name a few.

Stu considers music to be a work of art that should be appreciated both auditorially as well as visually. In other words, the music recorded is a work of art. The album, 45, and/or CD are a piece of art.

The music industry has changed a great deal with the evolution of the internet and the invention of the MP3. Much of today's youth are not even aware of what a vinyl LP is or that they even exist, let alone what one sounds like spinning on a turntable. Stool Sample Records is here to see that they do.

Stool Sample is ready to help indie musicians, both past and present, deliver their music to the public, creatively. Through excellent music and creative packaging and promotion, the label and its artists will work together to get music consumers collecting again.